Day 2 in DC: Do You Know What's Special About the Placement of Lincoln's Hands? [5/21/2015] 
Day 2 in DC: Do You Know What

Day 2: May 20th

WW2 Memorial 

  • Beautiful.  We saw both Kilroy.  - Tess
  • The WWII memorial was very moving and very pretty.  I loved the fountains. – Emily
  • The Atlantic and pacific theater memorials were amazing! - Fiona ...

 Learn About 8th Grade's 1st Day in DC 5/19/2015 [5/20/2015] 
Learn About 8th Grade


May 19, 2015: Day 1


The Basilica is beautiful and there are many wonderful mosaics.  Emiko

The Basilica is the 8th largest basilica in the world. Andrew

  • What we liked: How beautiful the Mosaics were - Jake
  • What was our ...

 Second Annual Day of Service [3/11/2015] 
Second Annual Day of Service

As March came in like a Lion with gray, overcast skies, frigid temperatures and the threat of snow lingering in the air, over 240 students, faculty members and parents participated in our Second Annual Day of Service.  At St. Thomas the Apostle ...

 Learning To Make Good Choices [2/12/2015] 
Learning To Make Good Choices

“Would you like to learn about a program that teaches young students how to make safe and responsible choices? Then listen up” says Fiona as she reads her essay to her classmates and parents during the fifth grade D.A.R.E. graduation.

Over ...

 St. Thomas Students Pictured in the 2015 CRS Rice Bowl Lent Calendar [1/7/2015] 
St. Thomas Students Pictured in the 2015 CRS Rice Bowl Lent Calendar

Each year, Catholic Relief Services offers Catholics throughout the world with an opportunity to participate in efforts to help the poor through the use of Lenten Rice Bowls.  75 percent of the money raised provides lifesaving aid to those in need ...

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