Literacy, Kdg. – Gr. 5 ~ Mrs. Jerri Theresi

As Literacy Coordinator St. Thomas the Apostle School I am able to provide an overview of student achievement through their academic career. I coordinate and administer individual, informal reading and writing assessments to assist teachers in monitoring growth and achievement.

I work with all the children in the school.  This affords me the opportunity to watch individual student’s growth as we strive to help them all meet their potential.

On a daily basis I work with small, flexible groups of children to assist teachers in providing both remediation and enrichment for our students.   Depending on need, these groups vary in size and frequency.

I also encourage children to keep reading logs as a way to monitor and promote their independent reading activities. By having students maintain a list of all books read they become more aware of themselves as readers.  And teachers can quickly assess interests and trends in their students reading habits.