Grades K-4

Beginning in the early elementary years, we build an environment in which children feel loved, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. As a part of that foundation, we provide opportunities to instill confidence and create a sense of belonging. The faculty and staff take time to know each child individually, affirming kindness, respect and responsibility in our students.

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of skills that support a love of learning and knowledge. We believe that it is important to balance developmental growth and academic achievement. Because no two children learn the same way, or at the same pace, we utilize a variety of teaching methods and tools including small group and ability-based learning opportunities in addition to individual teacher-student conferencing.

The elementary curriculum is in line with both the New York State Common Core Learning Standards as well as Diocesan standards. We teach students not only how to get the answer, but also to apply concepts to new situations in addition to writing and speaking about their understanding.