Students at St. Thomas the Apostle School are encouraged to think, create and understand. From our youngest students in preschool to our 8th grade students who are preparing for high school, it is always our goal to empower each and every student to achieve academic and spiritual excellence in an environment which is rich in Catholic tradition.

Curriculum PageOur academic setting offers personalized attention and small group learning and opportunities for advanced studies. At St. Thomas the Apostle School our community of students, parents and educators work together bringing out the best in our students. The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards and the Diocese of Albany Catholic School standards. Our students are prepared academically and spiritually to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

Formal instruction in music, art and physical education begins in preschool and instruction in foreign language begins in Kindergarten and continues through grade 8. Each classroom and the Media Center are equipped with state-of-the-art technology allowing teachers to integrate the use of technology into the curriculum. Many students take advantage of the advanced classes offered in the upper grades and complete high school courses while attending St. Thomas the Apostle School.

Our students’ classroom performances are validated on both the state and national levels. Consistently they score well above the local and state means on the New York State examinations, and frequently have a grade equivalency performance greater than two levels above the national mean. St. Thomas the Apostle School graduates attend both private and public high schools. By building a solid academic foundation in English Language Arts, mathematics, scientific inquiry, social studies, technology, and the humanities, our students enter high school ready for success.