How to Apply

Applications will be accepted throughout the year for grades in which space is available.  Students may transfer to St. Thomas the Apostle School for the current school year providing space is available.  We are also accepting applications for the next school year.  Below is a guide to the admissions process:

Visit St. Thomas the Apostle School
A tour of the school with the Director of Enrollment is required for all families, Preschool - Grade 8.  An interview with the family is required by the principal and the student will be required to attend a shadow day for any family wishing to transfer a student in K-gr. 8 to St. Thomas the Apostle School.

Complete the St. Thomas the Apostle School Application
A copy of the student’s birth certificate and baptismal certificate (if applicable) should be included with the application.

Transcripts (for transfer students)

Request an official copy of the transferring student be sent to the Director of Enrollment at St. Thomas the Apostle School.

Health & Immunization Records

Records should be submitted by June 1st when possible.

  • Required Immunizations: Preschool students must provide Lead Screening Blood Test Results.
  • Form B - Health History for New Entrants:  To be completed by a parent or guardian and to include mention of any potential health problems and treatment which may be necessary to administer to your child. This information will be shared with your child’s teacher, special subject teachers, and anyone who may supervise your child’s activities unless you indicate otherwise.  Must be completed and returned at time of registration.
  • Form C - For students entering Grades K, 2, 4 and 7:   Indicating when physical exam was or will be completed.
  • Form D - Physical Appraisal Report:  To be completed and signed by Physician for all new students to the school.  Physical must be dated no earlier than September of the last year Physical Appraisal Report must be returned to school by October 1st of the current school year.
  • Form D-2 - NYS Dental Health Certificate for students entering Grades K, 2, 4, & 7:  To be completed and signed by the child’s dentist
  • Medication Policy:  Please read the Medication Policy carefully and keep a copy for your files. This policy applies to over-the-counter medications as well as prescription medications. This policy will be strictly enforced. No exceptions will be made.  To print the Authorization for Administration of Medication Form, click here.

Please Note:  Submission of an application and the non-refundable application fee does not guarantee acceptance.  A family’s entire application including, but not limited to, the academic and social needs of the individual and class, the families commitment to Catholic School education, and the enrollment of siblings at St. Thomas the Apostle School or other schools will be taken into consideration when determining acceptance. Upon acceptance, families will be required to sign a letter of intent to enroll and pay a non-refundable down payment to secure placement.