Why St. Thomas the Apostle School

St. Thomas the Apostle School presents an integrated approach to all curriculum areas.  The students become aware of God’s presence in their lives and work. At our school, children live and learn in the light of faith.

St. Thomas the Apostle School prepares children to proclaim the Good News. Community is the heart of Catholic education. It is not only a concept taught, but a reality lived.

St. Thomas the Apostle School educates children who will serve God and others by sharing their gifts and talents. We uphold the belief that each must serve the other for the good of all. Active participation in social justice issues and human
concerns is the cornerstone of our service experiences.

The philosophy of St. Thomas the Apostle School states that the education of a child is best supported with active cooperation between parents and school. As a school community, we recognize parents as the child’s primary educators. We also recognize that each child has gifts and talents to bring forth, and we strive to help each child identify his or her talents and nurture them.

We place our trust in the Catholic Church and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our teachers and staff recognize the importance of integrating a Catholic education into the classroom and throughout the school, as well as beyond our front doors. The three-fold mission of our school is message, community, and service.