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2nd Annual Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Building

2nd Annual Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Building

As students arrived at school this week, they could be seen carring toilet paper! You might ask why would students need to bring toilet paper to school? The answer is simple.  We're going to build a Christmas Tree!  One of the greatest needs faced by food pantries is toilet paper.  For many who are in need, toilet paper is a treasured item as it is one of the basic necessities that can not be purchased using food stamps and so, food pantries make an effort to provide for that need. 

Last year, the Student Ambassadors had an idea, said Carmel Foltan, Dir. of Community Relations & Enrollment Management.  They suggested that we begin the annual tradition of having a toilet paper drive. On the final day of the drive, let's build a Christmas Tree, they offered!

And so, for our second year in a row, we've collected over 800 rolls of toilet paper. Today, a tree will be built and presented to representatives from Catholic Charities for distribution throughout the Diocese.